Wall Drug

4 Sep

As we continued west on I-90 towards Rapid City, SD, we passed many billboards reminding us to stop for 5 cent coffee, Homemade Donuts, Pie, and free water at Wall Drug.  Once we made it to Wall, we were fortunate to find … Read More »


4 Sep

Billboards advertising Wall Drug can be seen for hundreds of miles throughout South Dakota and the neighboring states. These are a few of the billboards we passed on I-90 from Sioux Falls to Wall. It is estimated that $400,000 is spent on Wall Drug  billboards … Read More »

Corn Palace??

3 Sep

What is a Corn Palace?  Simply put, it is a building covered in corn. Eastern South Dakota is corn country and corn is King!  Mitchell, SD is home to the Corn Palace..the world’s only Corn Palace!  The first Corn Palace … Read More »