Days on the road – 58!

7 Sep

Stewart, BC to Ft. Telkwa, BC September 3, 2019

 We left the Bear River RV Park in Stewart, BC at 10:30 AM. and were on our way to Smithers, BC. There is only one road to/from Stewart/Hyder, so, we retraced our route to connect to the Cassiar Highway, again. We were hoping for a sunny day to view the glaciers and waterfalls along this road.  Not today!  However, the ice on Bear Glacier was very blue today!

Bear Glacier

Today, we saw a mama bear and cub crossing the road.  I didn’t react quick enough for a good photo, but, our dash cam should have great video.

Our plan was to drive to Smither’s BC but we decided to drive a few extra miles(9) to Ft. Telkwa.  Upon arrival to  the Ft. Telkwa RV Resort, we were greeted by the owner.  He was quite a character and very proud of his resort.  According to him, it had the best of everything!  He was proud of his waterfront sites, full hook-ups, fiber optic wi-fi and free wash bay.  Also, he made sure to show us that his RV Park was featured on the cover of  the Travel-British Columbia Camping and Lodging Guide. 

Before settling into our site, Ken waited in line to wash the RV.  He was first in line behind the guest already in the bay when we arrived.  That guest spent over an hour washing and scrubbing every single inch of his 45’ RV while Ken sat and waited.  Some people only think of themselves!  After watching closer, I realized that the coach was the same one parked next to us last night in Stewart, BC.  It’s not unusual to see the same RV’s over and over again. We were neighbors again tonight!

Ft. Telkwa, BC to Ft. Fraser, BC September 4, 2019

After a very noisy night with train horns, highway truck noise, and rain, we were on the road at 10 AM.  It was 49 degrees and cloudy when we left Ft. Telkwa.  

We stopped in Houston, “Steelhead Fishing Capital”, to see the World’s Largest Fly Fishing Rod. The 60 foot long aluminum fly rod designed by a local fly fisherman is on display outside the visitor center. 

Nearby, we spotted an outdoor fruit/vegetable stand and purchased corn, tomato, and a bag of apples.  Time to start eating healthy?

While stopped at a rest area along Highway 16 and discovered something unique.  A stone cairn  with a center stone from the castle walls of Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, England. The Castle was the birthplace of  King Arthur, Knight of the Round Table.  Apparetly, the area where we stopped in Tintagel, BC.

We stopped Ft. Fraser for the night at Piper’s Glen  Resort overlooking Fraser Lake.  It was another quite afternoon/evening hanging out in the RV.  I met our neighbors who were from Smither’s BC.  A newly retired couple just getting their feet wet in RVing.  They were very enthusiastic and it was fun talking with them about RVing! 

Ft. Fraser, BC to McBride, BC September 5, 2019

On Highway 16 we passed through Prince George, Burns Lake, Vanderhoof, and finally McBride.  According to a large road sign, this roadway is a “Wildlife Corridor”.  We only saw 2 deer today!

Forestry and Logging is a major industry in this area. We drove by several sawmills and were passed by several logging trucks. Those trucks are long and fast!

We reviewed all the area RV parks, and decided  to try NV Mountain View Chalets and RV Park for tonight.  We selected this park because they advertised that they could accomodate Big Rigs with water, electricity, sewer, and wif-fi.  As we pulled in we could see a large log house, and several chalet type cabins.  The RV park was empty.  We were directed to go ahead and select a site and pay later.  There was lots of construction trucks located on the property and they were currently working on a new asphalt driveway.  The park was in need of more TLC.  The potential was there for this to be a really nice RV park.  We saw a For Sale sign at the entrance and can only guess that is why it has not been better maintained.  I did find the listing for the park…the price tag is $3,900,000! After further research, I found out that the park is located in a popular snow-mobiling area.  It must be more of a winter destination with all of it’s cabin accomodations.

We had a very quiet night, since, we were the only one’s in the RV section. (I think there was someone in one of the cabins).

Tomorrow – Lake Louise, Banff

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