Rain, Rain, Go Away – Teton National Park

20 Sep

When we left our campground in Island Park and drove through Yellowstone National Park, the weather was miserable!  It rained during the night…pouring rain!  Even though the weather was bad, we hooked up the jeep and started on our way towards Teton National Park.

When we arrived at Colter Bay Campground in Teton National Park, everything was still wet and miserable.  Despite the weather conditions, the park was very busy!

Later in the afternoon, we stopped by the Visitor’s Center and then on to roads unknown to us.  We have been through the Teton National Park on several occasions and always thought it was fairly boring.  Besides the famous Teton Mountains, what else was there to see? Well, we were surprised to find out on this trip that there is a lot more to the Park than we thought.

We drove past Jackson Lake, and onto the Teton Park Road. We stopped at Jenny Lake and walked around with many other tourists.  Unfortunately, the Teton Mts. were not clearly visible.  We continued on the park road and stopped to get a glimpse of the Teton Glacier.  We were not impressed…we are spoiled by Alaska Glaciers.

The highlight of the day happened very unexpectedly.  We stopped to look over another campground and found a large crowd of tourists gazing at a Bull Moose and it’s family!  That was fun!  On our way back to our campground we spotted some other wildlife along the road…and many tourists!

The next day was just as rainy!  We drove to Jackson and ate lunch at MacPhails Burgers.  Ken opted for the Bison Burger but I stuck with the regular Angus Beef.  The burgers were good, but, their French Fries were fabulous!

MacPhails Bison Burger & Fries

After lunch, we cruised around Jackson, past the ski slopes,  and out to the National Elk Refuge…no Elks yet!

Two days of rain in the Tetons was enough.  Rainy conditions and the Tetons do not mix!  Hopefully, our next visit will be under sunny skies!


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